Presentation of  ACES Ltd. Technical Services for VIP Completions.


As a VIP/Private Jet Operator do you expect:


  • Value for your Interior Completion Investment
  • Protection of YOUR interests on site
  • Systems & Interior to CONFORM to its intended purpose
  • Full time on site representation for completion quality assurance management


ACES Ltd. has a joint partnership with  leading designers for interior concepts and as the need increases for operators to perform interior completions on next generation new aircraft , like the B747-8 , B787 and the A350 and even the A380, whilst the current in service models may need re-imaging like the BBJ or ACJ types , utilizing the technical services of  ACES Ltd.  has proven to be a most cost effective venture.

The enclosed literature provides a more detailed breakdown of the above subjects as an introduction. A Proposal for Services can be provided upon receipt of your requirements.


ACES Ltd. would be most pleased to protect your interests at any time in the future.


Best regards,


Richard M. Hamer, ACES Ltd.

Managing Director